Entry #1

my xbox 360!

2008-06-18 15:55:59 by Anime1337nerd

its ate up my GTA IV!! and it came out with the cirkle scrath of doom on it!
now i cant play it anymore =(


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2008-06-18 16:36:08



2008-06-18 17:12:33

I did that the first day I got my xbox 360, but it was to king kong. If you move the 360 while anything is in it, it DESTROYS IT.

Anime1337nerd responds:

yar. im thinking on selling it to a second hand gaming store. well i only get like 60% of the cash when i bought it but. i will not have broken disks fro 100$ anymore.
yea you heard me. where i live the taxes on this shit is so high i payd 135$+-5$ on it!


2008-06-23 09:55:23

Lol i think i brang it my xbox 4 times for ruining my disks.


2008-06-23 10:24:28

hey just lay it flat and put 4-5 towels[left in freezer 4 20-30 min] around it[let the fan have space].sit quietly 4 1 hour. vala! ur 360 is fixed!

Anime1337nerd responds:

nah my xbox isnt broken, just the dvd-disk.